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WOMEN MARCH THE WAY! they have lead us into greatness. they have brought us glory when we expected failure. they have united us all, when divided we thought we would stand. women have it all, knowledge, skill, power, leadership, and most importantly health, endurance, agility, and many more.

Total Fitness Group presents a totally new running event for women, by the women that drives this company forward. this annual event will be planned, delivered, and run by just women. women who would build the event stage with their hands. women who would time your memorable run. women who will DJ your event. women who would offer you water when you most need it . and these women would give thousands other women participants an event like no other.

come celebrate women’s day, a week before the world starts the celebrations. come celebrate the power of women. come run with us and show everybody that today you are either making your first step towards a very healthy life or you are being the role model for others who want to stay healthy, just like you.

Race Categories

Race Type
Start Time
7 Km
04:30 PM

Age Categories

7 Km
Woman Only – Open

Race Kit Collection

Total Fitness Group (map)
27th February, 2019

Entry Fees

Race Type
7 Km

Important remarks

*All fees above are exclusive 8.7% handling fee


The entry fee includes:

  • Race registration and running number
  • Commemorative finisher’s medal
  • Pre-race souvenir pack (BIB number)


  • Online registration will close on 22 February 2019 (23:59, Bangkok Time)
  • Entry is non-refundable
  • Entry is non transferable to another competitor
  • Entry is non transferable to next year competition
  • Entry fees include vat

Race Venue


Race Day:
March 1
4:45 pm
Event Category:
Location Tags:
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Timing for:                -

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