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This is not your typical promo email for the Bike Zone Tri Dash series. We have a big FAVOR to ask you.

The corona crisis has affected all of us, some more directly than others. The event industry has been hit especially hard. We were the first to shut down and will probably take the longest to recover. Last month we put on the first Bike Zone Tri Dash since February. While it gave us some hope, the harsh reality was that we lost money putting it on and we would have been better off business wise not doing it. We probably overestimated people’s hunger for racing or people were still too concerned despite our physical distancing measures and hygiene guidelines.

It is also a reality that if athletes want events to happen in the future then events that are going ahead right now need all the support. We are challenging you to come out and support our next Bike Zone Tri Dash on 2 August 2020. We need to reach 200 entries or the August date may be the last race of the series. Being on our mailing list you have done a race of the series before, many did their first ever tri at the Dash and hopefully everyone has some special memory from one of those events.

Here is our challenge to you. Sign up for the 2 August race: Mini Dash, Standard Dash distance, or Long Dash distance, leave a comment on our FB post with this message and share one of these special memories you have from racing a Bike Zone Tri Dash in the past. Add photos if you like. Tag at least one friend and encourage them to sign up as well. If you have already signed up you may still share your memories and encourage others to join. If you can’t join there are other ways to support the event. Our 2020 event merchandise is available for sale now. Many athletes also chose to pay forward an entry to another athlete who currently cannot afford the entry fee. More info on that below.

We really do hope that the tri community will rally behind us and support Thailand’s longest running grass root triathlon series. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Virtual Race

If you cannot make it to the physical race on 2 August, you can still race the Dash virtually. There will be three race categories that you can choose from: Mini Dash, Standard Dash distance, or Long Dash distance. We will start sending out your race entitlements by post mail from 4 August onwards (*shipping only within Thailand).

Record Results:

  • Record results: 2 August 2020
  • Complete each sport in your race category of choice, and record your performance with one of the performance apps, such as Strava, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, etc.

Record your swim, bike and run times for the required distance. You may use a bike smart trainer or real bike performance for your bike time and a treadmill or real run performance for your run.

Result Submission:

  • Result submission period: 2 – 4 August 2020
  • You will be required to input your times manually and attach jpeg file(s) with screenshot(s) of your performance app as proof.
  • Once submitted your result will appear on www.sportstats.asia, and there will be ranking for each event and age group. There will be no top 3 awards and no series points awarded for the virtual races.

Sponsored Entries

Some of our athletes and fans have kindly sponsored entries into the August race for athletes who currently cannot afford the entry because of the situation. As of now there are 10 entries available and more people are joining the initiative. If you would like to take advantage of one of these entries please email us at info@gotorace.com to request one. There are no conditions attached to requesting one of these entries. Many people are experiencing difficult times financially right now so hopefully a free entry into the race will help. Perhaps one day you can pay this kindness forward to somebody else.

For those who want to sponsor an entry for somebody else, simply enter for the race online and then contact us to let us know that this entry is available to be transferred.

Swim Map
Run Map
Bike Map
Transition Area

Race Categories

Race Type Start Time
Dash Individual (Swim 0.4 Km – Bike 20 Km – Run 5 Km) 06.30 AM
Mini Dash (Swim 0.2 Km – Bike 10 Km – Run 2.5 Km) 06.30 AM
 Long Dash Individual  (Swim 0.8 Km – Bike 40 Km – Run 10 Km) 06.30 AM
Virtual Race

*Series Points for Dash

*Double Series Points for Long Dash

Age Categories

Male 18 – 39 | 40 – 49 | 50 & Above
Female 18 – 39 | 40 & Above

Registration Fee

Race Type Fee (THB)
Mini Dash 1,000
Dash 1,300
Long Dash 1,900
Virtual Race 1,000

*All fees above are exclusive 8.7% handling fee

Register Now


Purchase Merchandise

Season Pass

  • Season Pass is a code. Once you purchased, you will get the code in your email
  • Please use the code when register for the race. Any race, Any time before registration closed
  • Season Pass is non-transferable to other participants
  • Season Pass can be used for Dash distance only (Swim 0.4 Km – Bike 20 Km – Run 5 Km)
Race Pass Price (THB)
Season Pass Dash (4 Races- save THB 400) 4,800 Purchase
Season Pass Dash (3 Races- save THB 250) 3,650 Purchase
Season Pass Dash (2 Races- save THB 100) 2,500 Purchase

*All fees above are exclusive 8.7% handling fee


The entry fee includes:

  • BIB number
  • Starter pack for the 1st race


  • Online registration will close 1 week before the race day (23:59, Bangkok Time) OR until sold out
  • Entry and extra items are non-refundable
  • Entry is non-transferable to another competitor and you may not sell your entry to another competitor
  • Entry is non-transferable to next year’s competition
  • We are accept online payment through credit card Visa and Master